Transfer a HPI-O to another organisation

How to transfer an existing Healthcare Provider Identifier-Organisation (HPI-O) to another organisation.

When individual healthcare providers upload clinical information to patients’ My Health Records, the system takes note of the combination of the organisation’s HPI-O and the provider’s Healthcare Provider Identifier-Individual (HPI-I).

Individual healthcare providers can only edit that information if the HPI-O and HPI-I stay the same.

To help individual healthcare providers make edits as necessary, you can request transfer of an existing HPI-O to a new organisation. The new organisation must provide the same type of services and have:

  • bought the previous organisation, or
  • moved into the same location of one that has recently closed.

The new organisation must also employ at least one of the same individual healthcare providers, and be using the My Health Record.

How to manage a simple transfer of a HPI-O

A simple transfer of a HPI-O is when:

  • there is no network hierarchy attached to the previous organisation
  • there is a network hierarchy attached to the previous organisation, but the new organisation doesn’t have any changes to make.

You can use Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) to change the responsible officer and change ownership of a HPI-O.

How to manage a complex transfer of a HPI-O

A complex transfer of a HPI-O is when:

  • the new organisation inherits a network hierarchy, and wants to make changes to the structure
  • a network organisation wants to become a seed organisation.

Each complex transfer of a HPI-O case is different. Contact the Healthcare Identifiers Service Operations Team, we will let you know what additional information you may need to provide.

Page last updated: 10 December 2021