How to register

Registering for Child Support Business Online Services is easy.

All you need is your employer or financial institution reference number.

To register:

  1. Call the Child Support Business Online Services team.
  2. We will ask some questions to confirm your identity and register your business. This may include your ABN or reference number.
  3. We will set up your account and give you a Log in ID and temporary password.

Complete your registration:

  1. We will send you an email to complete your account registration.
  2. Go to Child Support Business Online.
  3. Select Log on again.
  4. Enter your Login ID – this is also your Child Support Reference Number.
  5. Enter your temporary password and select Submit.
  6. Read and agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Enter your password and select confirm new password.

Your registration is now complete. You can log on anytime to start using Child Support Business Online Services.

What help and troubleshooting is available

Read about how to use Child Support Business Online Services.

For help:

Session time out

Your session will time out if you don’t submit your update within 15 minutes of starting it. You’ll have to log back in if this happens.

This is a security measure to protect your information.

Service changes

Read more about issues impacting Child Support Business Online Services.


Read the Child Support Guide on the Social Services website to find out how we administer the Child Support Scheme.

Page last updated: 3 March 2022