How to manage your Medicare Safety Nets

How to check your Safety Net threshold, and let us know if your family situation changes.

Checking your Medicare Safety Net threshold

You can check your threshold amounts at any time through either your:

You can also call the Medicare program.

Reaching a Medicare Safety Net threshold as a registered family

We’ll let you know when you’re close to reaching a Medicare Safety Net threshold as a family. At this time, we’ll also ask you to confirm who’s in your family. Once you reach the threshold, we’ll start paying you higher Medicare Benefits for the rest of the calendar year. You need to have confirmed your family members to get the higher benefits.

Letting us know when your family situation changes

If there are any changes to who’s in your registered Medicare Safety Net family, its important to let us know. You should let us know if:

  • you have a baby
  • you adopt a child
  • you and your partner separate
  • your dependent child leaves your care.

You can let us know by either:

Page last updated: 14 January 2022