How to claim

There are different ways to claim the Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment (PLDP). This depends on the date of your claiming period.

Before claiming, check who can get it and who can’t get it.

If you’re a member of a couple, you can both claim this payment if you’re both required to isolate, quarantine or care for someone. You and your partner will need to complete separate claims.

We have information in different languages about how to claim. You can select the translate button on this page and find additional languages in our COVID-19 resources.

Time limits for claiming

You must submit a claim within 14 days of the start of each 7 day period of self-isolation, quarantine or caring.

If your isolation, quarantine or caring period started:

  • between 1 and 20 July, you have until 2 August 2022 to submit a claim
  • on or after 21 July, you must submit a claim within 14 days of the start of this period.

You cannot submit a new claim if you’ve lodged a previous claim that has not yet been completed.

Steps to claiming online

If you have a myGov account that’s linked to Centrelink, sign in and start your claim now.

Sign in to myGov

If you don’t have these set up, you’ll need to follow these steps to claim online. 


    1. Get ready to claim

    To claim online, you need a myGov account linked to Centrelink.

    If you don’t have a myGov account, you’ll need to create it online.

    If your myGov account isn’t linked to Centrelink, you can prove who you are through myGov to link Centrelink.


    2. Link Centrelink to your myGov account

    You’ll need to link Centrelink to your myGov account. How you do this will depend on if you’ve claimed a payment from us before.

    If you’ve claimed a payment before

    If you’ve claimed a payment before, you can use your Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) to link Centrelink to myGov. You’ll also need to answer some personal questions.

    If you don’t know your CRN or can’t answer the personal questions using your CRN, select I need a CRN. You’ll need to prove your identity online, using myGov. Follow the same instructions for if you haven’t claimed a payment before.

    If you haven’t claimed a payment before

    If you haven’t claimed a payment from us before, you’ll need to prove your identity online using myGov.

    You’ll need to enter some personal information and details from 2 acceptable identity documents and your Medicare card. Once you prove your identity, we’ll link Centrelink to your myGov account.


    3. Make your claim

    Follow these steps to make your claim:

    1. Sign in to myGov and select Apply for support from the Government support for coronavirus alert.
    2. Under Affected by coronavirus (COVID-19), select Get started.
    3. Select Apply for Pandemic Leave Disaster Payment.
    4. Answer the eligibility and claim questions.
    5. Submit your claim.

    When you're ready:

    Sign in to myGov

    You must call the Emergency information line if you:

    • are unable to use myGov
    • a temporary visa holder
    • need help claiming this payment.

    Let us know if you need an interpreter and we’ll arrange one for free.

    Read more about how to upload your Centrelink documents online.

    It’s your responsibility to decide to claim for this payment based on your personal circumstances. It’s also your responsibility to make sure the information you give us is true and correct.

Page last updated: 9 August 2022