Giving us the right information helps us pay you correctly

20 April 2022

Checking the details in reports and payment claims before you submit them helps us give you the right payment amount.

You may notice we’ve started pre-filling some employment income details into reports and claims for you. This makes dealing with us simpler.

Don’t forget that any report or claim you send us must be correct and complete. You are responsible for all the information you send us.

Check any pre-filled income and employer details. If they aren’t right, you should change them before you submit your report or claim.

You should also add any details that are missing such as pay amounts or employers that didn’t pre-fill.

The data we pre-fill comes from your employer’s payroll reporting. You can ask your employer about any income amounts you are unsure of.

Read more about when we pre-fill your information.

Next steps

Watch our top tips video about reporting employment income.

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Page last updated: 20 April 2022