Coronavirus information for businesses

If you’re an employer or run a business, we have information on support available if you’re affected by coronavirus (COVID-19) and proof of COVID-19 vaccinations.

If you run a small business, check if there’s a pandemic payment available in your state or territory.

Download our proof of COVID-19 vaccination resources to help support your employees and customers to get their vaccination proof.

Find out what COVID-19 vaccination proof looks like to help you identify if your customer’s or employee’s proof is legitimate.

There are no changes to our services due to COVID-19. You can still access our business services in the usual way.

As an employer, you must still make Child Support deductions. This hasn’t changed. If your employee’s income reduces below the Protected Earnings Amount, you may no longer need to make Child Support deductions. JobKeeper Payment is not exempt from Child Support deductions. You can read more about JobKeeper payment on the Australian Taxation Office website.

There may be restrictions on the way you run your business during this time. Read essential information on website.

There is coronavirus information and support for business on the website.

We may be able to help employees who can’t work because they’re isolated at home. Read more about assistance for people who don’t get a payment from us.

Read the Department of Health and Aged Care Coronavirus (COVID-19) health alert.

Page last updated: 7 July 2022