Changes to Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Safety Net payment statements

29 June 2022

The PBS Safety Net payment statements have been updated for all processed PBS Safety Net claims.

From 25 July 2022, you’ll receive 2 separate statements in relation to PBS Safety Net claims:

  • Recipient Created Tax Invoice and Payment Advice
  • Reconciliation Statement.

You can access the payment statements through the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) Mail Centre.

You’ll need to use your Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access HPOS. If you don’t already have a PRODA account, register now.

If you don’t have a HPOS account, the payment statements will be sent to you by mail.

Next steps

Remember, you can also order your PBS Safety Net stationery in HPOS.

If you have any questions please read more about the PBS Safety Net for pharmacists.

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Page last updated: 29 June 2022