Changes to MRI equipment eligibility for Medicare

1 November 2022

More practices in regional and rural areas can now provide Medicare funded MRI services.

From 1 November 2022, you can claim Medicare benefits for eligible patients for the full range of MRI services if both these apply: 

  • you have a comprehensive practice
  • your practice is in a Modified Monash (MM) 2-7 location.

There are no changes to eligibility requirements for MRI equipment located in MM 1 locations.

What you need to do

You’ll need to confirm you meet this eligibility, when listing your MRI equipment with us on the Application to register or amend a diagnostic imaging or radiology practice.

You can submit your application form either:

  • online through HPOS
  • by post using the address on the form.

You can no longer fax this form.

You don’t need to update your eligibility if both of these apply:

  • your equipment was listed with us before 1 November
  • your practice meets the criteria.

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Page last updated: 1 November 2022