Beware of a new myGov identity scam

13 May 2021

Fake emails claiming they’re from myGov tell you to open a link to confirm your identity. Don’t open the link.

What the scam email looks like

The scam email has screen shots of the myGovID app at the top. This makes the email look real, but it’s fake. Don’t click any links or reply to the email.

The email tells you myGov and the government need to verify your identity. It says you need to do this because of government rules.

The scam email includes a link. It tells you this link is a secure form. It tells you to open this link and update your information.

If you open the link, you’re taken to a fake myGov website. It asks you to sign in with your myGov details.

What the scam website asks you to do

The scam website asks you to give details like your:

  • name
  • date of birth
  • address
  • phone number.

It may also ask for credit card details like a:

  • card number
  • expiration date
  • 3 digit security code.

If you get an email like this, don’t open any links, download attachments or reply.

How to tell this is a scam email

myGov will never ask you to open a link in an email or SMS. It will never ask you to sign in through a link in an email.

You’ll only get links from myGov in a myGov Inbox message. You can only see these messages after you’ve securely signed in to your myGov account.

myGov will also never email you asking for your personal or credit card details.

What to do if you got this scam email

If you get this scam email, there are steps to protect yourself and to report the scam.

If you’ve opened the link in the email and given your sign in details, change your myGov password. Find help and support on the myGov website.

You should open a new browser window and type in to go to myGov.

If you’ve given the scammer your bank details, contact your bank straight away and tell them what’s happened.

If you’re still concerned and need more support you can:

Where to learn more about scams

Find out:

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