1 November 2023 Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) changes

Published: 1 November 2023

Find out what changes there are to MBS services.

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There’s new and amended MBS items available from 1 November 2023.

An additional indexation of 0.5% has been applied to some service items.

13 new Bulk Bill Incentives (BBI) items have been added for Commonwealth concession card holders and patients under 16.

Professional attendance item changes include:

  • New level C and D phone consultations for patients registered under MyMedicare with the practice
  • Amendments to Level B consultations to introduce a minimum 6 minute service time
  • New level E consultations, lasting 60 minutes or more.

Other MBS item changes include:

  • New and amended pathology testing including genetic testing services
  • New leadless permanent cardiac pacemaker services
  • A schedule fee increase to item 61485 to reflect the increasing cost of the radiopharmaceutical.

Also age restrictions have been removed for prescribed dental patients. This means patients of all ages with cleft and craniofacial conditions can access Medicare benefits.

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Page last updated: 1 November 2023.
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